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Angular 2.0 (now referred to as Angular) is a widely used and popular open-source framework for building web applications. Angular 2.0 developers specialize in using Angular to create robust and scalable applications with a rich user interface.

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Here are some key uses of Angular 2.0 development:


Angular 2.0 is designed specifically for building SPAs where the entire application runs within a single HTML page. Angular 2.0 developers utilize the framework's powerful features like component-based architecture, declarative templates, and data binding to create dynamic and responsive SPAs that provide a seamless user experience.


Angular 2.0 developers leverage the framework's capabilities to build responsive web applications that adapt to different screen sizes and devices. Angular 2.0's built-in support for responsive design principles and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Material Design enables developers to create applications that look and function well across desktop and mobile devices.


Angular 2.0 is commonly used to build large-scale enterprise applications requiring complex data management, modular architecture, and scalability. Angular 2.0 developers leverage dependency injection, routing, and state management to create enterprise-grade applications with robust data handling, authentication, and authorization mechanisms.


Angular 2.0 developers can build PWAs that provide an app-like experience on the web. Angular 2.0's service workers, caching mechanisms, and offline support enable developers to create PWAs with features like offline functionality, push notifications, and fast loading times.


Angular 2.0 can be used in combination with frameworks like Ionic or NativeScript to develop cross-platform mobile applications. Angular 2.0 developers leverage the framework's capabilities to build mobile apps that run on iOS, Android, and web platforms, sharing a significant amount of codebase across different platforms.


Angular 2.0, when combined with technologies like WebSockets or server-sent events, can be used to develop real-time applications such as chat applications, collaborative tools, or real-time dashboards. Angular 2.0's reactive programming style and two-way data binding make it easier to handle real-time data updates and provide a seamless user experience.

Overall, Angular 2.0 developers utilize the framework's features, tools, and ecosystem to develop modern, scalable, and interactive web applications across a wide range of industries and use cases.

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