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Welcome to Bizionic, a leading software development and marketing company that empowers businesses to thrive digitally. With a comprehensive suite of services, we combine cutting-edge software development expertise with strategic marketing solutions to help our clients achieve their goals and outshine their competition.

Partnering with Bizionic means gaining a dedicated team passionate about your success. We work collaboratively, keeping you informed and involved throughout the entire process. Our commitment to delivering on time, within budget, and exceeding your expectations remains unwavering.

Embrace the power of integrated software development and marketing with Bizionic. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey to elevate your brand, expand your reach, and accelerate your business growth. Let's pave the way for digital success in an ever-evolving market together.

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Bizionic, Your Software Development Partner

Startups to Unicorn's Lab

Bizionic Technologies and Marketing Solution (Bizionic) is a Startup to Unicorn laboratory for creating, developing and launching innovative ideas into global enterprises. Bizionic is the most advanced software development, AI and blockchain technology, and marketing solutions provider based in Hyderabad, India; a global center city for Information Technology. Bizionic provides expert software development, offshore staffing services, and technology-driven marketing solutions across industries focusing on providing clients with the desired ROI and reinventing the path to achieve strategic objectives. Bizionic transforms companies through enhanced experiences driven by creativity, innovative technology, data processing, and an organizational strategy that strives for excellence.

With more than 150+ software developers, designers, and marketers on board, we have the necessary resources and expertise to turn your ideas into full-fledged products. We do not just provide quality software development and marketing outsourcing; we conduct due diligence, business analysis, product requirement analysis, per group analysis, design product architecture and customized solutions and a marketing strategy and framework. A holistic approach that perfectly aligns with your goals and objectives.

“If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.”
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What We Offer At Bizionic?

We pride ourselves on delivering results, not promises.


Highly Skilled Software Developers, Designers and Marketers.

More about Bizionic

Startups to Unicorn's Lab

BIZIONIC was established by merging a software development house and a marketing agency based in India to form a one-stop, cost-effective solution for startups and mature organizations

One-Stop Shop:

# For a product's success, it is prudent that the technology development incorporates the content, marketing, and delivery channels of the products and services during the development phase. Preliminary planning during the development phase should include Initiating product and services branding, market due diligence, product market audiences, competitor analysis and developing a marketing framework for successful ROI-based product delivery to the market.

Startups and Enterprises:

# We continue our customer journey as a startup and with established businesses. Our products and services solution provides brands with cost-effective and client-centric solutions incorporating the size and scale of the project requirements. No matter the scope, we have a world-class expert team of experienced and seasoned professionals with years of technical skills, multi-skillset capabilities and the required team strength to deliver it from start to finish.

In-House Talent:

# Most of our 150+ project managers, software developers, engineers, analysts, designers, marketers and delivery teams are based in Bizionic offices across India and overseas technology-sourced partners, full-time employed with all benefits and employee retention schemes, and fully dedicated to the client's projects. We actively promote cross-technology and cross-platform product/service knowledge transfer and assist in enhancing project development.

Integrity and Transparency:

# The project development team and assignments are conducted in-house and not outsourced to third parties or the usage of freelancers, maintaining the client's project confidentiality and respecting the brand's IP rights and obligations. Communication is vital in software development; our expert team of seasoned project managers administers and monitors the assigned tasks and schedules deliveries to ensure your offshore team has a single vision, objectives, and clear goals.

Thinking Out of the Box:

# Bizionic's team comprises industry veterans, experienced past employees from top software houses and marketing agencies, and freshly minted university graduates. Bizionic promotes entrepreneurship and explorative culture that embraces ideas and solutions beyond the average comfort zone finding the most innovative way to solve brand challenges. Bizionic’s outside-the-box strategy means innovating and conceptualizing the challenges and the solutions.

Flexible Cooperation Models:

# Bizionic offers flexible cooperation models to suit client's budgets and project requirements. With the hybrid software development model gaining pave, the global software development landscape is evolving fast with changing ideas and demanding user expectations. Development must keep pace with the changing world. We monitor these trends in technology, products, and services and advise brands on keeping up with speed and delivering the best possible result.

Our End-to-End Software Development Process


Our Core Services


Software Development is one of our most popular services. Our clients can reach us for the standard or customized software development according to their business needs. The Bizionic Team of Software Experts helps design, develop, implement, test, deploy, and maintain software.

Software development services allow businesses to grow, expand, and streamline to new heights. Clients can reduce costs, automate tasks, and increase efficiency with well-developed products.

  • Custom Software Development

  • Software Product Development

  • Software Development Consulting

  • Enterprise Software Development

  • Software Testing Service

  • Software Maintenance and Support


Bizionic has diverse experience in developing high-end, attractive, and responsive websites which can be the most cost-effective way of reaching potential customers. We developed customized error-free website solutions for your business needs, enriched with advanced features and responsive designs that define your core business. Our end-to-end web development services incorporate the design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of websites.

  • Custom Website Development

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Web Redesign Services

  • Web App Integration

  • Web Consulting Services

  • Maintenance & Support


Bizionic offers flawless application development Services for numerous businesses. Our applications are equipped with enhanced UI/UX that increases user engagement. Our Expert Teams build both cross-platform and native applications for renowned platforms like Android, iOS, and others. Businesses wish to have applications so that they can bridge the gap between them and their potential clients and our Experienced Team will help develop that ideal application that delivers maximum results.

  • Custom Application Development Services

  • Application Integration services

  • Application Migration Services

  • Application Modernization Services

  • Application Testing Services

  • Application Management


Every Software needs to be tested in several ways to ensure it runs smoothly and serves its purpose. Bizionic offers comprehensive software testing services that ensure the required software is free from errors and is mapped to the customer’s requirements. Bizionic QA Engineers use various manual and automated tools for in-depth testing software.

  • QA Consulting

  • QA Outsourcing

  • Automation Testing

  • System Testing

  • Manual Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Security Testing


E-commerce services are diverse, with various benefits. Our e-commerce development services help you grow your business online making it easy for users to interact with your products and services. Bizionic provides services for managing and creating online platforms for your e-commerce business. Our services are not only about building and maintaining online stores, but also incorporate inventory management, accounting and billing, email marketing, online payments and ticketing, and online listing.

  • Custom E-commerce Development

  • E-commerce Website Development

  • E-commerce App Development

  • E-commerce Design

  • Support & Maintenance


Our Marketing Services

We Are Your Growth Partners

& Media

Media Planning And Buying:

Our media planning and buying involve strategy and placement of ads to ensure brands are targeting the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform. Across BTL, ATL, TTL, PPC, Social or Programmatic channels and achieving the desired performance metrics.

Social Media Management (SMM):

Social media is essential in growing organic traffic and increasing modern business. Our approach achieves brand goals by finding the right demographic for the product across social media platforms, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Our SEO services covers, Conversion rate optimization, Content marketing, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO designed to deliver sustained business growth and visibility in organic search results for brands' products and services.

Google Adverts And PPC:

Google Adverts and PPC Advertising allow your business to advertise the products or services in front of the people actively searching for them. It will let you display your ads to users when they are ready to purchase, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Technical Analysis:

By deploying various tools, including Google Analytics and other software, our Technical Services deliver high-level support and solutions in providing the client with details performance analytics and devising the optimal strategy for meeting the desired results.

Creative Solutions:

Bring your brands to LIFE; our innovative team can assist in turning your ideas into reality. Products have a few seconds to grab the audience's attention; our creative and design team will help conceptualize and transform your vision.


UI/UX Designs:

UI/UX design has become more “trendy”; with the “internet of things.” Our user experience (UX) designers team works to create a product, from branding to design to usability, providing meaningful and enjoyable user experiences.

Usability Testing:

Our qualitative usability testing collects insights, findings and anecdotes about how people use the product or service. Usability testing deploys multiple techniques and real users in a user-centered interaction approach to evaluate product flows.

Usability Audit (UX Audit):

Our UX audit uses empirical methods to provide users with behavior analytics and let the brand know how to boost conversions by making it easier for users to achieve their goals on brand websites and applications.

Layout Wireframes:

Think of a website or applications wireframe like an architectural blueprint. Our wireframes provide a clear overview of the page structure, layout, information architecture, user flow, functionality and intended behaviors.


Our in-house Studio is a design-led team that brings any brand's message to life through playful and lovingly crafted 2D, 3D, Long & Short form character animation production. Animated stories crafted with personality, warmth and wit.


Our team comprises the finest illustrators and animators with informative writing genre that clarifies a specific situation or object through demonstrative evidence. You only need to look in one place to find the perfect proven artists quickly and easily for your illustration needs.

360 E-Commerce

E-Commerce Store:

Our 360 e-Commerce solutions will assist in creating robust, easy navigation, user-friendly, and conversion-focused commerce platforms (Web and Applications) that generate results & assistin growing brands' digital presence and sales channels.

Payment Gateway:

We partner with major payment gateway providers and assist brands in managing their e-Commerce platform with seamless secured payment solutions integration, enabling the platform to provide services to users across geographic regions.

Voice Commerce:

By leveraging voice recognition technology based on artificial intelligence, we assist brands in enabling users to use voice commands to make purchases on various integrated platforms without clicking multiple buttons.

Chatbots Commerce:

Our WhatsApp and Web/device-based Chatbot commerce solutions can assist brands in integrating real-time conversation solutions, promoting products and services on active devices, capturing leads, and provide real-time customer assistance.

Customer Service Automation:

With our automated customer services solutions, brands can streamline workflows & reduce human dependencies, enhance business deliveries and customer satisfaction, and build brand trust & recognition with the users.

Artificial Intelligence:

Our AI and predictive analytics solution will assist brands in delivering an outstanding customer and user experience in e-Commerce and making intelligent business decisions driven by customer data and behavioral analysis.

Our Talent Sourcing Models

We at Bizionic believe in diversity, therefore we do not stick to a single outsourcing model while providing software development outsourcing services. We understand that all businesses are different and that our business model shall be formed according to their needs and problems.

We specialize in offering three business models as, IT Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Teams, and Project Based Outsourcing.

"Hire Talent in Minutes"
  • Hire in Minutes” and “Hire Beyond Borders”

  • Hire prescreened and qualified Talent in minutes!

  • Create a successful remote workforce with international competence!

  • A dedicated project management team assigned to individual projects

IT Staff Augmentation
  • Hire a temporary staff

  • Suitable for both long-term and short-term projects

  • Enhances efficiencies

  • Meets strict deadlines

  • Costs optimization

Dedicated Teams
  • Hire a professional team

  • Team of expert developers, engineers, and project managers

  • Suitable for long-term projects and controls costs with effective planning

  • Flexible project scoping with complete control

Project Based Outsourcing
  • Project Based Outsourcing

  • Fixed project scope

  • Minimum client involvement

  • Minimize risks and costs involved

  • Accelerate project delivery

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